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Federal Reserve Financial Services
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Industry Perspective

Key themes from consultation paper feedback and end-user research

A lot of work has been done since the Reserve Bank’s October 2012 announcement of our updated strategic focus for Federal Reserve Financial Services. Since then, we’ve researched the current state of the U.S. payment system and identified gaps and potential opportunities for improvement. We then vetted these gaps and potential opportunities in numerous industry discussions and rolled that research and industry input into the “Payment System Improvement – Public Consultation Paper,” released for input in September 2013. As we analyzed the industry feedback from that paper, we also researched end-user demand for select payment attributes. Discover more about the key themes from the paper and end-user research and learn how you can stay informed.
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FedACH<sup>®</sup> ServicesFedACH® Services
Mining the value of FedACH Services payment information

The Federal Reserve Banks understand that data about a payment can be almost as valuable as the transaction itself. That’s why we offer a suite of FedACH information services to help you extract the nuggets of information associated with the payments, helping to eliminate the need for you to dig through mountains of data. Unearth more about how our information services tools do the digging for you, automatically and according to your specifications.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
A FEDucation isn’t too taxing

You work hard every day. To help prevent any extra toll on you, we make obtaining your FEDucation easy by offering a wealth of education and training opportunities that simplify and explain how our tools and services can help you be more effective and efficient within your financial institution. And, there’s no looming deadline for our on-demand online learning opportunities that you can view at any time right from the comfort of your desk.
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