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FedACH<sup>®</sup> Services

How the FedACH Risk RDFI Alert Service helps South Side Bank help its business customers

Recently, we visited with Jeff Ward, vice president of South Side Trust & Savings Bank, who told us how the FedACH Risk® RDFI Alert Service is helping his bank help its business customers by not only protecting themselves against unwanted transactions, but by staying better informed about activity on their accounts in general. Read how South Side has added the FedACH Risk RDFI Alert Service as a standard component of its business account package, which has become part of a routine that helps reduce risk.
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FedCash<sup>®</sup> ServicesFedCash® Services
Costs and benefits of the $1 currency-to-coin conversion

Public attention has focused recently on the possibility of replacing the $1 Federal Reserve note with a $1 U.S. coin. To promote increased awareness of the broader implications of such a transition, the Board of Governors’ Division of Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems published a working paper outlining the costs and benefits to the U.S. economy and its participants, including financial institutions, armored carriers, merchants, Federal Reserve Bank cash services and government agencies. Discover more about the factors that lead to the conclusion reached by the Board.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
Spotlighting upcoming Regional Payments Association events

The Fed actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with the banking and financial services industry. We participate in many industry events throughout the year, with participation varying from attending or hosting an event, exhibiting with our Fed booth, and/or serving as a conference presenter or panelist. Many of these events are hosted by Regional Payments Associations (RPAs), which have a shared mission to educate users and provide information and resources to their members. Read more about upcoming RPA events where you can find Fed representation.
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