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FedGlobal® Foreign Exchange Rates

Current FX Rates*

The most current FedGlobal foreign exchange rates
Country Local Currency Date Rate Issued FX Rate
Mexico (MX) New Mexican Peso (MXN) 05/22/2024 16.6056

* Rates are automatically reported to this page after they are established. A short time lag may occur before a rate appears on this page. Check the "Date Rate Issued" column above to confirm the date.

Note the following points:

  1. The exchange rate applied to an item varies according to the country where the transaction is originated to or received from.
  2. The rate column is for forward credits from the United States on the current business day and is most likely different from the exchange rate applied to item(s) settling on a different business day.
  3. The daily FX Rates above reflect the FX rates applied by the foreign gateway operators on the date the rates are issued. The FX Rate for an item originated today by a US ODFI will generally be determined on the U.S. Settlement Date unless otherwise specified.
    • For payments that qualify for "Morning Post" in the Canada Service, the FX is applied on Day 1 of the 2-day credit.
    • For payments into Central America, the FX Rate for an item originated today by a US ODFI will be determined on the day prior to the U.S. Settlement Date. This means that for a one-day item, the FX Rate will be on the day of origination.
  4. The exchange rate on returns (i.e., local sell rate) is not reported on this site. Generally, the exchange rate on returns is slightly less favorable to the customer because the foreign gateway operator is now selling local currency and buying dollars.
  5. The calculation for determining the amount of foreign exchange varies by country and the applicable spread. Use our FX Rate Calculator for calculating payments for each country.
  6. The FX Rate is the complete foreign exchange cost on the Date FX Performed, including both the Base FX Rate and the spread per $US Dollar.
  7. The holiday of the applicable foreign gateway operator may delay the FX conversion until the next business day in that country.

The data above represent the most recent available. Daily exchange rates vary according to market dynamics, although customers can get an approximate rate above or search our FX Rate Archive. The FX Rates on this site are provided by the foreign gateway operators, and the Federal Reserve Banks do not guarantee the accuracy of the rates. The Federal Reserve Banks are not responsible for any liability, damages or loss arising out of any inaccuracies in the rates listed here.

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