FedLine® Access Solutions Business Continuity Guide

Have plans in place that allow staff to access an alternate Internet Service Provider (ISP) should your organizationís primary Internet connection fail.

In the event of a service disruption, you may be able to process payments and information services via alternative FedLine channels.

If you regularly use FedLine Command® to access FedACH® Services, these transactions may be able to be processed via FedLine Advantage® in the event of a disruption.

If your institution accesses FedACH® Information Services via FedLine Advantage®, FedLine Web® may be used to submit FedACH Services return items and notifications of change (NOC).

In the event of a service disruption, refer to the Service Status page to obtain the current operational status, instructions on what you can do and contact information for further questions.

Advance business continuity planning can help your organization continue to provide payments services to your customers in a contingency scenario.


Overview — Service Disruptions to FedLine and Other Access Solutions

The Federal Reserve provides depository institutions with several options to access Federal Reserve Financial Services. Currently, the FedLine access solutions include:

  • FedLine Web®
  • FedLine Advantage®
  • FedLine Command®
  • FedLine Direct®

Other access methods include:

  • FedMail®

The Customer Contact Center (CCC) provides customer support for access connections and services and strives to provide timely information regarding service disruptions. Service disruption information will be communicated in a number of ways, including via email, phone calls and announcements on FedLine Home and the Service Status page. The CCC has multiple geographically-dispersed locations to help ensure its ability to provide customer support during service disruptions.

The systems that support FedLine access solutions and other services are also located in multiple geographically-dispersed locations for redundancy.

Preparing for and Responding to Service Disruptions

It is important that your staff become familiar with the information provided on this page of the National Business Continuity Guide, as well as the information provided for each of the FedLine business applications and services you use.

For information about contingency planning for FedMail, please review the FedMail® Contingency Guide for FedACH® Services (PDF) and the FedMail Contingency Guide for Fedwire® Services (PDF).

Detailed information regarding FedLine Advantage contingency planning is available via the EUAC Center on FedLine Home. A summary overview of options available can be found on the FedLine Advantage and FedLine Command Business Continuity Quick Tips page.

For more information about contingency planning for FedACH Services or Fedwire Services via the FedLine Direct or FedLine Command access solutions, contact the Customer Contact Center. If your organization has a FedLine Direct connection, consider the benefits of the FedLine Direct Contingency Solution (PDF), which is designed to provide automatic failover of FedACH operations.

Also, organizations with Dedicated Wide Area Network (WAN) connections may choose to consider the FedLine Access Solutions Network Diversity (PDF) service to reduce the risk of disruption to both their primary and secondary circuits.

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