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Internet Electronic Submission User Guides

A Multiyear Conversion Effort is Underway to Replace IESUB with the Reporting Central Application

The Federal Reserve continues the multi-year initiative to transition reports, both those currently available via Internet Electronic Submission (IESUB) and new reports, to the Reporting Central application, which launched in March 2012.

The Reporting Central application provides a more secure, technically advanced and efficient system that serves as a single point of entry for Federal Reserve, Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) and Treasury electronic reports submission and file uploads. Organizations will access Reporting Central via the FedLine Web® access solution to submit report data and access electronic reporting applications, report forms and instructions.

The links below provide more information about this conversion effort:

IESUB User Guides

The User Guides below provide the required file formats for submitting data via Internet Electronic Submission (IESUB), demonstrate how a reporting institution can create the file from a spreadsheet and information to assist reporting institutions in resolving problems they might have when submitting the spreadsheet file.

The following is the list of special characters not allowed in text fields:

Dollar Sign [$], Percent Sign [%], Asterisk [*], Equal Sign [=] (allowed in URL only), Exclamation Point [!], Semicolon [;], Number Sign [#], Plus Sign [+], Tilde [~], Caret [^], Backslash [\], Opening/Closing Brace[{}], Vertical Bar [|], Less/Greater Than Sign [<>], Underscore [_], Question Mark [?] (allowed in URL only), AT sign [@] (allowed in email only), Opening/ Closing Bracket [], Single/Double Quote [‘”], Back quote [`]

Spreadsheet File Transfer

If you are currently using a spreadsheet (e.g., Microsoft Excel® or Lotus 123) to prepare your data, you can use IESUB to easily transmit your file to the Federal Reserve. Initially, you will need to include in your spreadsheet data the report name, report as-of date, etc. You then create a formula in one cell of your spreadsheet to pull in the data. Once that is completed, save it as a text file and submit it via IESUB to the Federal Reserve. For step-by-step instructions, see the following guides:

File Transfer

If you are currently transmitting your report via the FedLine® access solution, you now can transmit it via IESUB. The file transfer option is compatible with many vendor-developed deposit and regulatory reporting applications. IESUB will accept the file created by your vendor software, provide you with a receipt containing the date and time IESUB received the file and forward it to the Federal Reserve. To use this option, simply click on the File Transfer button on the IESUB home page, enter the file name with the .txt extension and click Submit File.

For more details, see the File Transfer User Guide (PDF).

We're Here to Help

Federal Reserve Bank staff is prepared to assist you throughout the entire transition process. Please contact your local Reporting and Reserves District Contact with questions regarding these upcoming changes. Please send general questions about the Reporting Central application transition process to NY.REPORTINGCENTRALCOMMUNICATION@NY.FRB.ORG. For assistance with setting up access to the Reporting Central application via the FedLine Web access solution, contact the Federal Reserve’s Customer Contact Center.

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