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The Federal Reserve has made changes to its check processing and adjustments operations in response to the changing market, including the decline of paper check volumes industry-wide. As the industry continues to evolve, we will adapt to remain competitive as a leading payments provider, while focusing on creating value for you.

Federal Reserve Banks Announced Reduced Number of Check Processing Sites and Accelerated Restructuring Schedule

The Federal Reserve Banks announced on November 6, 2008, that the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland will serve as the single paper check processing and adjustments site and that the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will serve as the single electronic check processing site for the Federal Reserve System. The Reserve Banks also announced they will utilize a flexible restructuring schedule that scales back or shifts operations at their other sites when paper check volumes no longer justify the existing operation.

This strategy updated the June 2007 announcement that identified the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Cleveland as regional processing sites. Since that time, paper check volumes have declined significantly and no longer support the need for four full-service regional sites. The transition from four to one full service paper processing site was completed in early 2010.  Please see the press release (PDF) for more information.

Regulatory Communications

The Federal Reserve Board periodically amended the routing symbol lists in appendix A of Regulation CC, and deleted the reference to the Reserve Bank office that no longer processes checks and reassigned that office's routing symbols to another Reserve Bank office. The Board published each final rule in the Federal Register at least 60 days before check processing shifted to a different Reserve Bank office.

A link to each final rule that the Board has published is available from the Federal Reserve Board's public website (Off-site Link).

Our Commitment to You

Throughout this period of change, the Reserve Banks remained committed to delivering the same integrity, reliability and high-level of service you have come to expect.

If you have a question related to check restructuring, please visit My FedDirectory for a personalized list of check contacts or send us an e-mail.

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