FedACH® International ACH Transaction (IAT) Resource Center

This resource center will help your institution and its customers learn more about International ACH Transaction (IAT). The following information is designed for general use in navigating the IAT standard entry class (SEC) code in relation to your financial institution’s ACH processing activity.

We will continue to add information regarding your institution’s requirements for ACH processing under IAT, so please continue to check back frequently for the latest news and updates. For your convenience, add the resource center to your My Quick Links section.

All U.S. financial institutions are affected by the new NACHA rule requirements for IAT, even those that do not currently send or receive international ACH transactions as any financial institution may potentially receive an IAT entry. Please choose the description that best fits your organization to learn how IAT will impact your institution:

Training Resources

To learn more, listen below to a three part presentation: "Understanding New Requirements in the ACH Network: International ACH Transaction IAT". The information is provided in an audio format with corresponding slides for each section. To help you follow along, we recommend you first download and save the presentation slides to your computer prior to launching the audio format.

Under the new IAT SEC code, the Federal Reserve Banks will act, both as an ACH Operator and a Gateway Operator. To learn more, about this dual role please see the presentation below.

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