FedLine® Access Solutions Education

The Federal Reserve Banks offer the following education materials and outline learning opportunities to help support use of our FedLine Access Solutions Services.

FedLine Advantage® with a secondary VPN device helps make The Geo. D. Warthen Bank stronger

Last year, the Geo D. Warthen Bank’s primary FedLine Advantage virtual private network (VPN) device, which helps to provide secure access to Federal Reserve Bank services, was impacted by an internet service provider (ISP) disruption. The outage impacted the Geo D. Warthen Bank’s ability to access the FedLine Advantage access solution via its primary FedLine Advantage VPN, but the bank was able to rely on its secondary FedLine Advantage VPN device to continue accessing Federal Reserve Bank services.

A secondary FedLine Advantage VPN can be a critical component of your business continuity plans and is considered a best practice. By using a combination of contingency options, your institution can help minimize or eliminate the business impacts of a service disruption.

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