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The Federal Reserve Banks offer FedCash Services to help ensure that depository institutions have sufficient supplies of currency and coin to meet public demand. Each Federal Reserve District maintains currency and coin processing operations to accept deposits of excess and unfit currency and process orders for currency and coin.

In addition, FedCash Services provides Custodial Inventory and Coin Terminal services via the FedLine Web access solution. These functionalities are available to depository institutions that operate Custodial Inventory sites and armored carriers that operate outsourced Custodial Inventory sites and/or Coin Terminals.

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Order and deposit currency, monitor and manage cross-shipping activity, and access information regarding exception processing, including mutilated, contaminated, or counterfeit currency, and ordering new currency during the special holiday currency ordering periods.






Order and deposit coin, and access information regarding new coin releases and exception processing, including bent or partial coin.




Custodial Inventory Services

Manage your Custodial Inventory site by opening and closing the Custodial Inventory vault daily, reporting vault holdings and payments to customers daily, entering deposit and withdrawal transactions, and accessing various reports.




Coin Terminal Services

Manage your Coin Terminal by opening and closing the vault daily, entering deposits or shipments, releasing coin orders, entering other transactions, and accessing various reports.

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