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Commercial Bank leverages the ease and automation of the FedTransaction Analyzer tool

Commercial Bank has seen tremendous growth since its founding 40 years ago. Today, nearly 200 employees take great pride in supporting their customers. The bank uses a variety of the Fed’s services to help meet its customers’ needs, including the enhanced functionality of the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool. In this article, executive vice president and chief operations officer Michelle Huddleston shares her belief that using automation tools and systems provided by the Fed are proving far easier to manage than what some of the ready-made solutions are providing. Learn how the FedTransaction Analyzer tool can help your organization assess risk and automate manual processes, while seamlessly integrating with other software.  
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Risk ManagementRisk Management
Eight ways to help you spot a fake email

In recent years, email phishing has become more and more prevalent. These emails can target individuals or entire organizations in an attempt to gather information to be used to install malware, compromise login names and passwords or steal confidential or privileged data. Although no one is immune, we can take precautions to lessen our chances of being spoofed. Check out this list of eight ways to spot a fake and keep it handy in case you receive a questionable email.  
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
Find your FEDucation pot o’ gold

We offer a wide variety of education materials and online learning opportunities to support your institution in its use of Federal Reserve Financial Services. The Events and Education tab, located on the left hand navigation bar of, is a virtual pot of gold filled with links to eLearning modules, FRB events and Industry events. Discover all the ways you can strike it rich by expanding your FEDucation today! 
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