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A conversation about security in a rapidly changing environment

Back in 2004, we first spoke to you about security in our inaugural issue of FedFocus and during the initial launch of the FedLine Advantage® access solution — our first online solution for transaction-based services. This month, over a decade later, we sit down to have a conversation with Pier Deganello, assistant vice president of Risk Management at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, to learn about the security landscape now. Read on to learn how the security environment has changed and how the FedLine® access solutions can help your institution manage these changes.
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Industry PerspectiveIndustry Perspective
Payments Stakeholders: Can't We All Just Work Together?

The February 23, 2015, Take On Payments weekly blog featured an article entitled, “Payments Stakeholders: Can't We All Just Work Together?” written by David Lott, a retail payments risk expert in the Retail Payments Risk Forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Read on for a reprint of the article, which calls to mind the insightful words of Henry Ford.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
An ode to FEDucation

Don’t despair if you forgot to take advantage of National Poetry Month in April. We’ve continued the celebration with our poem on the Federal Reserve Banks’ educational opportunities. Not only can you expand your FEDucation, but you can also flex your poetic muscles in the process! Learn how to register for 24/7 complimentary webcasts and more.
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