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Are you ready? The redesigned $100 note is coming soon.

September 2013

The redesigned $100 note will begin circulating on October 8, 2013 (Off-site Link) – that is less than one month away.  Are you ready?  To ensure that you and your employees are prepared to recognize and accept the redesigned $100 note, follow these simple steps listed below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the redesigned $100 note’s security features, including the 3-D Security Ribbon and the Bell in the Inkwell.  Explore the Interactive Note (Off-site Link) to see these features and more in action.
  2. Download (Off-site Link) or order (Off-site Link) training materials today.  The U.S. Currency Education Program offers a variety of materials available in multiple languages, free of charge.
  3. Educate your staff using the training materials available.

 Security features of the redesigned $100 note


Remember, the best way to determine whether a note is genuine is to rely on the security features.  Safeguard your institution from financial loss by making sure that you and your staff are familiar with the security features in the redesigned $100 note.

Stay tuned for the following information from the U.S. Currency Education Program:


Redesigned $100 note timeline


If there are others at your organization who would like to receive future communications related to the redesigned $100 note, please have them complete the sign-up form.


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