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Federal Reserve Banks begin conversion to new internal cash transactional system

With $1.4 trillion of U.S. currency in circulation, cash occupies an important position in the financial system. To maintain the public’s confidence in U.S. currency and increase efficiency in the cash system, the Federal Reserve is continuously taking steps to enhance its cash processing technology. This summer, the Reserve Banks began to convert to the new internal cash transactional system office by office, with the Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco leading the way.
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FedCash<sup>®</sup> ServicesFedCash® Services
Do you know what to do with suspect counterfeit notes?

Accepting a counterfeit note could lead to a real financial loss for individuals or businesses. If you suspect that your institution has received a counterfeit note, contact your local police department or local U.S. Secret Service office. Learn how you can review the security and design features of U.S. currency with free resources from the U.S. Currency Education Program.
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"Au"gust Fed Facts: Medals, gold and an underground vault

The month of August perfectly introduces the focus of this issue’s Fed Facts article with its first two letters, “Au” — the symbol for gold on the periodic table. We’ve all been anticipating the excitement of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starting on August 5. As Olympians begin their quest for medals, let’s weigh in on the element currently on many people’s minds: gold!
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
Plan, practice and protect with resources from the Fed

Financial institutions of all sizes face a number of potential risks that could result in service disruptions. Is your institution prepared? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Building a strong risk management program requires time and tools to help ward off potential service disruptions. Learn how the Federal Reserve Banks can help enhance your risk management program.
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