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Federal Reserve Financial Services
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FedLine<sup>®</sup> Access Solutions

FedLine Command® helps Partner Colorado save time and stay compliant

Based in Arvada, Colorado, Partner Colorado Credit Union has six branches and over 30,000 members. The organization has been through many changes since its establishment in 1931, but it has always taken pride in providing consistent experiences and reliable services to its members. When Chris Shannon joined Partner Colorado Credit Union in 2004, the organization was using the FedLine Advantage® access solution to access information and critical payment services from the Federal Reserve Banks. Learn why and how the credit union made the transition to the FedLine Command® access solution.
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Check/Check 21 ServicesCheck/Check 21 Services
Operations specialists rave about the Fed's Check Adjustment webinars

Our Check Adjustment webinars provide fundamental training on processing check adjustments. Learn how the Principles and Concepts of Image Cash Letters and Electronic Check Adjustments webinar and the Check Adjustments Insights into Investigation Types (ITYPs) webinar are helping operations specialists at Spokane Teachers Credit Union and Banner Capital Bank learn more about check adjustments.
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Fed Facts: Building the Federal Reserve Banks with a blueprint for success

“Not less than eight nor more than twelve” — that was the number of regional reserve banks specified in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. There have been many twists and turns along the way to getting the 12 Federal Reserve Banks settled in their current buildings. We dug deep into the New York Fed's archives to bring you an account of its multi-phase construction project that spanned well over a decade.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
Practicing — and even challenging — your institution's response plan to a cyberattack

As the threat landscape of the electronic payments system evolves, the Federal Reserve Banks remain committed to reducing risk across our services. Are you looking for a way to practice — and even challenge — your institution’s response plan to a cyberattack? The Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is conducting the seventh annual Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems (CAPS) exercise.
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