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Federal Reserve Financial Services
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FedACH<sup>®</sup> Services

Making ACH data analysis easy with the FedPayments® Reporter Service

The FedPayments® Reporter Service offers a wide variety of reports on ACH activity. Customers are finding one of the newer reports to be particularly useful. The ACH Received Entries Detail Report is available in CSV and Excel formats, making it ideal for conducting a host of data analysis tasks. Learn what three of our customers have to say about how they use the spreadsheet formats of the ACH Received Entries Detail Report.
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Risk ManagementRisk Management
Help strengthen your organization's physical security

Attackers who can gain physical access to a device or network can be just as dangerous as ones who attack online. Logical security can help safeguard software with measures like user identification and password access, while physical security can help prevent unauthorized access to buildings, equipment, etc. Learn about some of the best practices for maintaining physical security.
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Fed Facts: How the 12 Reserve Banks work together

In last month’s Fed Facts article, you saw a look at the numbers from various business lines across the Federal Reserve Banks. The numbers are all related, but did you know that they tie back to 12 different Reserve Banks? The Federal Reserve Districts have always had a decentralized structure, but the Districts work together to offer financial services to financial institutions.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
We're social ... are you?

Keeping in touch has never been more important. Technology is always changing, news is always breaking and those who don’t have the latest information can get lost. Staying up to speed with the Fed, the financial services industry and your colleagues is not just about checking your email or watching the news – it’s also about engagement and being social. Whether you’re at home or on the go, take a second to follow @FRBservices.
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