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Check/Check 21 Services

KleinBank supervisor finds value in Fed's Check Adjustment webinars for her entire team

Check Adjustment webinars are led by a Fed expert and provide fundamental training on the process. Learn why Cindy Schwartz at KleinBank had her entire team attend the Principles and Concepts of Image Cash Letters and Electronic Check Adjustments webinar. The fee-based webinar is the same price for any number of attendees on a single connection, making it perfect for full team training.
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Hammer risk and cement customer relationships with our toolboxes

We offer a variety of services to help our customers mitigate payments risk and provide services to their clients. Our FedACH®, Fedwire® and Check 21-Enabled services each offer informational tools, and we’ve pulled them all together into two resources: the Risk Management Toolbox and the Business Banking Toolbox.
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Fed Facts: What is the federal funds rate?

This week, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met for the third time in 2017. Given that interest in the FOMC peaks around this time, this month’s Fed Facts article will cover the federal funds rate and one of the mechanisms that the FOMC uses to conduct monetary policy.
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Events and EducationEvents and Education
Fly away with us: Meet our Fed experts at upcoming industry events

Most everyone marvels at the invention of the airplane, but the Fed’s frequent fliers especially appreciate this mode of travel during conference season! That’s because Fed experts will log an extraordinary amount of miles traveling to and from conferences all across the country. We have quite a few events to attend in May alone! Be sure to meet up with us at one of our locations this month.
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