ISO® 20022: What You Need to Know

The Federal Reserve will use ISO 20022, an internationally accepted data-rich messaging standard, to define the message flows and formats for the FedNow Service.

Whether you’re responsible for your organization’s FedNow Service integration, preparing to build instant payment products leveraging the FedNow Service, or are a payments processor that will help your clients connect to the service, now is the time to get to know the FedNow ISO 20022 message specifications.

Accessing the FedNow ISO 20022 message specifications

The Federal Reserve is using the MyStandards® platform to provide access to the FedNow ISO 20022 message specifications and accompanying implementation guide. You can access these on the Federal Reserve Financial Services portal (Off-site) under the FedNow Service. Users will need a MyStandards account, which you can create on the SWIFT website (Off-site). View our step-by-step guide (PDF) for tips on accessing the specifications.

Test your messages on the FedNow ISO 20022 Readiness Portal

Check compliance of your messages with the FedNow Service ISO 20022 implementation guidelines and access test use cases and sample messages on the FedNow ISO® 20022 Readiness Portal, hosted on the MyStandards platform (Off-site).

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