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Effective Immediately: Revisions to Contaminated Currency Guidance

January 30, 2017

In response to customer feedback, the Federal Reserve updated its procedures for submitting deposits of contaminated currency. The updated procedures are available on the Contaminated Currency and Coin page of In addition, the FedCash® Services Contaminated Currency Notification Form (CASH-04) and Deposit Visual Reference Guide were updated to reflect the changes.

Effective immediately, FedCash customers and contracted agencies that prepare their deposits for shipment to the Federal Reserve must adhere to the revised procedures and use the updated form to notify the Fed before delivering contaminated currency.

Procedure changes include:

  • Clarification on the definition of contaminated currency
  • Elimination of office-specific procedures to improve consistency across the Federal Reserve
  • Clarification of bag, strap and fanning requirements to enhance the verification process

Form changes include:

  • Instructions to highlight health and safety concerns when handling contaminated currency
  • Updated definitions and deposit detail fields in Section 1

The Federal Reserve is also updating the packaging tutorial video, and we will notify you when it is available on the Contaminated Currency and Coin page.

If you have questions, please contact your local FedCash Services District Contacts.

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