FedCash® Services: Monitoring COVID-19 Outbreak Impact on Service Levels

March 24, 2020

Federal Reserve Bank staff are closely monitoring conditions in our servicing areas and preparing to take action as needed to maintain access to FedCash® Services. All Reserve Bank cash offices are open and operating for FedCash Services and maintaining normal order deadlines and dock hours. Unless otherwise noted, Federal Reserve Financial Services will continue normal operations.

Uniform Cash Access Policy (UCAP) Fees waived for the weeks of March 16, March 23 and March 30

To support our customers’ operational needs regarding cash management, the Federal Reserve is waiving UCAP fees from Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 3, at which point we will evaluate the situation further.

Deposit Excess Currency in Fed Packaging

We recognize that financial institutions may find themselves with excess cash on hand as things return to normal, and we will work with our supply chain partners to manage an orderly return to normal operations in the future. When things return to normal, if you have excess currency in original Federal Reserve packaging that has not been opened or in any way altered, you are encouraged to deposit this currency with a Reserve Bank office in its original packaging. Returning such inventories in intact Federal Reserve packaging expedites the process for both financial institutions and the Federal Reserve.

What Can You Do?

We encourage you to monitor the situation closely, refer to the FedCash® Services Business Continuity Guide, and visit Service Status periodically.

Service and Support

Please contact your local FedCash Services customer support if you have any questions.

For a complete list of customer support contacts for your institution, please visit the Contact page. You may wish to print a hard copy of this list in case of power or internet disruptions.

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