FedCash® Services: Mandatory Armored Carrier Wellness Checks at Federal Reserve Offices

April 1, 2020

In early March, the Federal Reserve communicated to all Cash Operations vendors, armored carriers and visitors asking that their personnel not come into our premises if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19, visited affected areas, or have been in close contact with someone who is confirmed to have the virus or has been to an affected area (see appendix (PDF)).

Mandatory Wellness Checks for Armored Carriers

Today, we’re informing you that the Federal Reserve System is beginning to implement mandatory wellness checks for all visitors, including armored carrier personnel entering our premises. Many Reserve Banks have implemented mandatory wellness checks for all employees coming into the Banks as a precautionary measure to help protect our employees while maintaining operations. We hope that by applying these same measures to all visitors, we will reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus and further our ability to continue to provide Cash Services to financial institutions.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Begins Wellness Checks on April 6

Effective April 6, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and its offices in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Phoenix will be the first Reserve Bank to implement mandatory wellness checks of all armored carrier personnel coming to our docks to deliver and pick up cash. When other Reserve Bank locations implement this process, we will notify your local vaults and branches so you can notify your drivers in all locations that they will encounter these new procedures when they come to a Federal Reserve dock.

Federal Reserve Wellness Check Process

Wellness checks of armored carrier personnel will be conducted by a Federal Reserve Law Enforcement officer at the point of vehicle inspection and will consist of wellness questions followed by a temperature check, measured with a contactless thermometer, where available.

  • If all carrier representatives pass the wellness check, the process will follow as normal.
  • If there is only one armored carrier representative in the vehicle and they fail the wellness check, we will ask them to get back into the vehicle and leave.
  • If there is more than one representative in the vehicle, one representative who passes the wellness check will be allowed to come on site but will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which we will make available to them. This typically consists of face masks, gloves and instructions on how to don and doff these items, but may vary by Reserve Bank.
    • At least one representative must not fail the wellness check in order to be allowed to  complete the transaction. This representative will don the PPE and be responsible for transactions with the Federal Reserve team members. All deposits must be wiped down with antiseptic wipes, which will be provided.
    • The representative(s) that failed the wellness check must stay in the armored carrier vehicle during the transaction.
  • If all armored carrier representatives in the vehicle either refuse the wellness check, fail the wellness check or refuse to don PPE, Federal Reserve Law Enforcement officers will ask them to get back into the vehicle and leave immediately without concluding their transactions.

Conduct Employee Wellness Checks and Encourage Self-checks

Many companies and organizations have implemented employee self -checks. Please refer to the appendix for a copy of the Federal Reserve communication with guidelines for its vendors, armored carriers and visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation as the U.S. cash supply chain responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service and Support

Please contact your local FedCash Services customer support if you have any questions.

For a complete list of customer support contacts for your institution, please visit the Contact page. You may wish to print a hard copy of this list in case of power or internet disruptions.

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