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Introducing Fast Facts for frequent FedCash® Services and FedLine® Solutions Questions

April 4, 2018

Do you ever need help cancelling or changing a FedCash Services currency order, requesting access to FedLine Solutions or finding information on how to handle contaminated or mutilated currency?

For these questions, you might wonder whether you should call your local Federal Reserve Cash Office or the national Customer Contact Center (CCC) to reach the appropriate representative. To help with these questions and more, the Federal Reserve reviewed frequently asked customer questions from 2017 and published a new Fast Facts poster (PDF) as a quick reference guide. The Fast Facts poster helps provide quick and easy information on who to call for questions about FedCash Services and FedLine Solutions.

In addition to help with ordering, depositing and FedLine Solutions questions, the poster includes useful links to information on our FRBservices.orgSM website. This includes links for FedCash contacts, forms and guidance on handling contaminated and mutilated currency and contaminated and bent/partial coin.

The Fast Facts poster is now available on, and can be found in the FedCash Services section of the Contacts page. We hope this new poster will be useful to you and look forward to helping with any answers and information you need.

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