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Same Day ACH and the U.S. Treasury

April 7, 2017

With five months remaining until Sept. 15, 2017, when Same Day ACH Phase 2 is implemented, the industry can count on the U.S. Treasury’s participation in Same Day ACH. Subject to the anticipated publication of a final 31 CFR Part 210 rule, the Treasury is operationally committed to participating in Same Day ACH as of Sept. 15, 2017, beginning with the capability to receive tax and non-tax Same Day ACH credits.

With respect to origination of Same Day ACH, Treasury will have this capability no later than October for Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) debits. Other Treasury programs will be adopting the capability later in the year and into 2018.

ACH origination software vendors and third-party processors providing financial institution ACH origination services need to know that federal government routing transit numbers are expected to be operational to support Same Day ACH credit receipt as of Sept. 15, 2017.

Stay tuned to the Same Day ACH Resource Center for additional details in the coming months.

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