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Updated Instructional Video on Packaging Contaminated Currency

May 2, 2017

In response to customer feedback, the Federal Reserve updated its procedures in January with clarifications on how to submit deposits of contaminated currency to your servicing Reserve Bank office. To further assist cash handling personnel, a supplemental video is now available on that provides a brief tutorial on proper techniques for packaging contaminated currency.

The video is available on the Contaminated Currency and Coin page. The video supplements, but does not supersede, the deposit packaging procedures. It demonstrates how to properly double-bag a contaminated deposit and how to package less than a full bundle of contaminated notes in either a fan or linear fashion so that more than 50 percent of the note is visible in the bag.

As a reminder, always refer to the procedures on the Contaminated Currency and Coin page for the complete packaging requirements. In addition, all contaminated currency deposits must include the updated FedCash® Services Contaminated Currency Notification Form (CASH-04) (PDF), which is available on the Forms page of

If you have questions, please contact your local FedCash Services District Contacts.

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