FedCash® Services: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and its Branch in Cincinnati implement mandatory armored carrier wellness checks

May 7, 2020

Effective May 1

To: Financial institutions serviced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and its Branch in Cincinnati, and their armored carriers

Effective May 1, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and its Branch in Cincinnati implemented mandatory wellness checks of all armored carrier personnel coming to our docks to deliver and pick up currency and coin. If you haven’t already, please notify your drivers in all locations that they will encounter these new procedures upon arrival at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Armored Carrier representatives are required to wear cloth face coverings...

In accordance with a recent Ohio state executive order, all armored carrier representatives and other visitors are required to wear face masks/coverings at all times while on the dock or inside the Federal Reserve facility, or interacting with Federal Reserve personnel. This promotes the health and safety of both the carriers and Federal Reserve employees. As a reminder, the use of face coverings does not eliminate the need to practice social distancing where possible.

.. and to adhere to social distancing guidelines

Maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between you and Federal Reserve personnel is now enforced on our premises.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland armored carrier wellness check process

Wellness checks of armored carrier personnel will be conducted by a Federal Reserve Law Enforcement officer and will consist of several wellness questions.

  • If all carrier representatives pass the wellness check, the process will follow as normal.
  • Federal Reserve Law Enforcement officers will not allow the carrier representative(s) or the vehicle access to the dock to complete their transactions if:
    • Any armored carrier representative present in the vehicle does not pass the wellness check process.
    • Any armored carrier representatives in the vehicle either refuse the wellness check or to wear a face covering.
  • If an armored carrier vehicle and representatives are denied access to the dock due to a wellness check, the Federal Reserve Bank will contact the armored carrier company to discuss access requirements.

Additional Resource

Please refer to the April 1 Federal Reserve System announcement for more information.

Service and Support

Please contact the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Cash Services department if you have any questions:

Thank you for your cooperation as the U.S. cash supply chain responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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