Important information about your access to the Reporting Central application via the FedLine Web® Solution

May 7, 2020

Our records indicate that you have access to the Reporting Central application via a FedLine® credential, which enables you to submit reports electronically. In light of the ongoing disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the Federal Reserve Banks want to emphasize the important role the information gathered by these reports plays in aiding the Federal Reserve in carrying out its responsibilities for the conduct of monetary policy, the supervision and regulation of the banking industry and the protection of consumers’ rights.

Action Item: We encourage you to verify your access to the Reporting Central application at least 10 business days prior to a report’s submission due date to allow sufficient time to address connection issues. This entails ensuring you have an active FedLine credential at the ready in order to check your connection.

We are providing you with the resources below to help ensure you are able to connect remotely to our FedLine Solutions:

Please note that all equipment, including personal computers, used to access those Federal Reserve Bank Services that can be accessed outside of a customer’s normal working environment via FedLine Solutions must comply with published Hardware and Software Requirements.

Individuals with questions or concerns about accessing the Reporting Central application outside their normal working environment should contact the Customer Contact Center, which can advise on any potential modifications required in their setup to be able to connect to our services. General questions about the Reporting Central application should be directed to your Reporting Central District Contacts.

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