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Same Day ACH Debits Qualified Batch Reporting

June 6, 2017

To All FedACH® Services Customers:

The Sept. 15, 2017, implementation of Same Day ACH Phase 2 is less than four months away and will provide for the same-day processing and settlement of qualified ACH debits in addition to ACH credits. As was true for Phase 1 and ACH credits, the Phase 2 implementation of Same Day ACH will mean that debit entries received before the same day submittal deadlines with an invalid, stale or current date in the effective entry date field will settle as same day transactions, provided that other requirements are also met.

There is a fair amount of concern that the number of potential unintended same day debit originations may lead to negative consequences (e.g., customer service issues, higher rates of NSF), so we will make available a complimentary operational report to assist FedACH Services customers in their efforts to identify which of their forward debit batches could potentially qualify as same day after Phase 2 implementation. Much like the report provided in advance of the Phase 1 implementation for credits, this operational report will analyze previous month forward debit batches and will list originator information, pertinent same day qualification data, entry counts and dollar totals. This report, available at no cost, will be available from July (June data) through September (August data) and will be provided to any FedACH Services customer who chooses to subscribe.

The monthly reports will be emailed to designated recipient(s) at an originating depository financial institution using ZixCorp® as a means to secure the email as well as the attachment. No ZixCorp software or components are required for the ODFI to receive the reports.

For those FedACH customers currently subscribing to the priced Same Day Originated Batch Report that provides information on credits settling same day as well as debits that would potentially settle same day beginning Sept. 15, 2017, that report will be provided free-of-charge starting July 2017 until sometime after the Phase 2 implementation when a new FedPayments® Reporter Service report will replace the current report.

If your institution is interested in receiving the complimentary report of qualified ACH debit batches, please send an email request to with the following information:

  • ODFI Bank Name
  • ODFI Email Addresses (not to exceed five)

The email must be sent from a signatory on the Official Authorization List (OAL) for the requesting institution, and the subject line should include “Same Day ACH Debits Qualified Batch Reporting Request <RTN - ####-####-#".

Please contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support at P: (877) 372-2457 with any questions.

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