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Federal Reserve Banks’ Redesigned Website and New Logo

On October 30, 2017, we announced that the Federal Reserve Banks were changing the way we deliver information to our customers. Today, we are introducing a redesigned website and a new look for our communications!

New User Interface for

Our redesigned website is live and ready to efficiently deliver the information you need. Take a look and discover:

  • A new user interface – featuring a mobile-friendly design
  • Reorganized content – accessible from drop-down menus and links in the footer
  • Application Sign In – easy access located in top, horizontal navigation
  • E-Payments Routing Directory – front and center on the home page 
  • Service Status – new, color-coded format
  • Communications – where you’ll find all the latest news 
  • Fed contacts – just a click away

Just so you know, you'll need to delete your old bookmarks and create new ones that point to the new URLs.

An online feedback form (Off-site) is available to submit questions or provide feedback about the redesign of To become familiar with the new navigation, please review the Site Map and view the intro video:

New Look for Communications

Communications and materials from the Federal Reserve Banks will now feature a new logo, shown below. logo

New Twice-Monthly Publication Coming Soon

Additionally, we’re looking forward to launching our brand new publication – Fed360SM – on December 1, 2017. Fed360 will replace FedFocusSM and FedFlash® by combining all the great content you’ve come to rely on into one all-inclusive source. The new publication logo, shown below, will be visible in the publication header.

fed360 logo


If you’re a current FedFocus or FedFlash subscriber, you’re all set. You will automatically receive Fed360 emails twice each month beginning December 1, 2017. If you wish to subscribe to Fed360, you can easily sign up via the Fed’s E-Alert Notification Subscription page.

Email the Editor to submit questions or provide feedback about the new Fed360 publication. For a preview of the new Fed360 publication, please view the Fed360 teaser video: slogan


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