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Announcing 2018 Federal Reserve Financial Services Product and Fee Changes

The Federal Reserve Banks are pleased to announce that in 2018, our customers will see relatively stable pricing with minimal increases in a few service lines.

The minimal price changes planned for next year reflect the realized benefits of technology investments and enhanced services now available to our customers. We will continue to make investments in our products and services to adapt to the ever-changing payments landscape.

An overview of 2018 product and fee changes is provided below. The impact on your institution will depend on your product mix and volume. Details on the specific changes can be found on the service fees page on

Additional Resources

The Federal Reserve Board’s press release (Off-site) provides an overview of the fee changes planned for next year. All changes will be effective January 2, 2018.

The Federal Reserve Banks value the trust you place in us and our services. If you have any questions about product and fee changes or how they may affect your organization, please contact your account executive. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in 2018.

Fedwire® Funds Service, Fedwire Securities Service and National Settlement Service

The Federal Reserve Banks have recently completed components of a multi-year, comprehensive program to strengthen the resiliency and security of our wire, securities and settlement services. In light of this technology investment, we’ll be normalizing many of our fees in 2018.

The Fedwire Funds Service payment notification origination surcharge and the tier 3 pre-incentive fee will be reduced to encourage the adoption of the industry SWIFT® global payments innovation (gpi) initiative.

Fedwire Securities Service and National Settlement Service fees will remain unchanged in 2018.

FedLine® Solutions

Our FedLine solutions are designed to provide secure, direct connections to critical payment and information services for financial institutions of all sizes. Changes for 2018 reflect the ongoing modernization of our infrastructure to keep pace with the evolving payments security landscape.

A critical component to the security and resiliency of the FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Command® solutions is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) device. In the past, these devices required an upfront investment as well as additional purchases when devices were upgraded. Beginning in 2018, that will no longer be necessary. In an effort to improve customer experience and simplify ongoing upgrades, FedLine Advantage, FedLine Command and FedLine Direct® monthly package fees will now include all VPN equipment needed to operate directly with the Federal Reserve Banks. To further support contingency and resiliency of the network, the Premier packages will include two VPN devices.

There are no price increases for the FedLine Web®, FedLine Exchange® or FedMail® solutions.

FedComplete® Packages

We are expanding our FedComplete package offerings to include FedLine Command. Two new packages will allow financial institutions of all sizes the opportunity to automate their ACH processing.

Additionally, some current FedComplete customers will see a minimal increase in their bundle cost due to price changes for services included in the package.

Check Services

In 2017, we updated our Check Services product offerings to more closely align with the current electronic check processing environment. We will continue to evaluate our offerings in light of that environment, and will annually adjust tiers based on volumes as part of that process. As a result, some endpoints will be reassigned to new tiers for 2018 that more accurately reflect their current presentment volumes.

Further, customers not fully utilizing our electronic Check 21 product offerings will experience increased fees on paper check deposits. Overall, Check Services customers will see nominal price increases on average.

FedACH® Services

FedACH Services continually strive to increase efficiency, provide robust risk management tools and facilitate customer access to cost-effective, electronic payments. Additionally, we are keeping pace with and supporting the significant changes that are occurring in the ACH landscape, in particular Same Day ACH. As a result of these efforts, customers can expect to see increases in base-level origination and receipt item fees as well as the monthly FedACH Participation Fee.

FedCash® Services

FedCash Services continue to efficiently respond to market demand for U.S. currency. No price or service changes are planned for 2018.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services fees will remain unchanged in 2018.

The Federal Reserve Financial Services changes planned for 2018 reflect our continuing commitment to offering our customers efficient and dependable services while maintaining the integrity of those services and meeting the Federal Reserve Banks’ obligation of cost recovery.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to a successful 2018.

Once again, if you have any questions about 2018 product and fee changes or how they may affect your organization, please contact your account executive.

The Federal Reserve Financial Services logo, “Fedwire,” “FedLine,” “FedLine Advantage,” “FedLine Direct,” “FedLine Command,” “FedLine Web,” “FedLine Exchange,” “FedComplete,” “FedACH,” “FedCash,” and “FedMail” are registered service marks of the Federal Reserve Banks. A complete list of marks owned by the Federal Reserve Banks is available at

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