Announcing 2022 Federal Reserve Financial Services product and fee changes

December 2, 2021

Last year we made a business decision to hold off on price changes, an approach that recognized the uncertainties COVID-19 has created across the industry. As we look ahead to 2022, Federal Reserve Financial Services is responding to the evolving, competitive market with products and services that meet customer needs and expectations while also making investments in the payments’ infrastructure.

The pricing changes for 2022 support our continued commitment to offering customers robust services while advancing key improvements in payments security and resiliency. We also remain committed to achieving cost recovery across all business lines over the long term.

See below for an overview of 2022 product and fee changes. The impact on your institution will depend on your product mix and volume. For more specific details, visit the Service Fees page on®.

Services without fee changes in 2022:

Services with fee changes in 2022:

Check Services

In response to the continued decline of check volume in the industry, we are modestly increasing the premium FedReceipt® fee and monthly participation fee for Check Services.

This fee increase supports the cost of maintaining our Check Services infrastructure as fewer checks are written each year. With FedReceipt Premium Delivery, the updated fee will better align with the value financial institutions and their clients derive from differentiated Check Service features and early access to information.

As part of our commitment to evaluating tiers every other year, we reviewed and reset tier assignments to better align with receiver volume, which will benefit financial institutions as check usage continues to evolve.

As the nation’s central bank, we remain committed to ensuring timely and dependable check processing.

FedACH® Services

As the ACH network continues to grow, we have significantly invested in our processing infrastructure to support volume, speed and security needs. We have focused our price changes for FedACH Services on areas with product enhancements, such as the extended timeframe for receiving depository financial institutions (RDFIs) to derive their own returns and improved FedPayments® Reporter options.

Customers using the monthly bundled service will see a fee change when the package discount ends in 2022.

FedLine® Solutions

FedLine customers utilizing contemporary solutions — including FedLine Direct®, FedLine Command®, FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Web® — will see modest to no fee increases for these technologies in 2022, depending on the solution.

We are increasing fees for FedMail® Email (for customers utilizing the FedLine Web Solution and above) and FedMail Fax to help address the rising costs of supporting these solutions and encourage customers to move to contemporary technologies like the FedLine Web Solution. The FedLine subscribers – Pack of 5 fee will also be increased.

Fedwire® Funds Service

We increased fees for the Fedwire Funds Service due to ongoing technology investments planned for 2022 and higher operating costs. The transfer price for 2022 will include an increase for all three tiers, the offline surcharge and the monthly participation fee to help address the costs.

Fedwire Securities Service

We will decrease the agency transfer fee for the Fedwire Securities Service to reflect the current costs of providing the service and to align fees across security types.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about product and fee changes or how they may affect your institution, please contact your account executive. The Federal Reserve Board’s press release provides an overview of the fee changes planned for next year. All changes will take effect January 3, 2022.

We value the trust you place in our services and look forward to working with you in 2022.

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