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Currency Education Program: U.S. Secret Service launches counterfeit prevention campaign

The United States Secret Service recently launched Operation “Quick Glance” (Off-site) to inform U.S. retailers and consumers how to identify easy-to-detect counterfeit currency. Operation “Quick Glance” focuses on motion picture, foreign writing and replica notes. The following recommendations were listed in the official press release:

  • Take a quick glance at currency when you receive it from any retail establishment or individual
  • Look for foreign writing on the front and back of the note
  • Look for the words "For Motion Picture Use Only" or the word "Replica" on the note
  • Contact your local Secret Service Field Office (Off-site) if you have information about counterfeit currency

For more information on Operation "Quick Glance," visit (Off-site). For more information on the security and design features of U.S. currency and locate your local Secret Service Field Office (Off-site), visit (Off-site).