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Access your FedACH® and Check information more quickly with FedPayments® Reporter

With FedPayments Reporter, you often can review ACH and Check forward and return entries faster than the reporting available from your core or third-party processor. Reports are delivered via automated encrypted emails on a fixed schedule, and many ACH reports also are available on demand. ACH report options include ACH received entries and human-readable reports to facilitate cash management and return notifications to customers. Corporate payor check reports are available with images the morning of presentment to allow your customers more time to review checks for potential alterations and help ensure timely returns.

The Intraday FedACH Received Entries Detail Report for DFI/Corporates allows subscribers to see their institution’s ACH information multiple times throughout the day. This reporting enables you and your customers to have an earlier view of large dollar entries and return items during the processing day. The report was enhanced recently to include the new late evening delivery.

Action Item:

For more information on available reporting services and how to sign up, visit the FedPayments Reporter for FedACH page or the FedPayments Reporter for Check Services page. If you have further questions, contact your account executive.