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Update your FedACH® contact information now

ACH originators often reference the Federal Reserve Banks’ E-Payments Routing Directory to determine if a receiving depository financial institution (RDFI) is a FedACH Services participant before sending an item. The directory contains the name, published phone number and location (city and state) for each receiving institution.

Your institution’s profile in the FedLine Web® Solution is equally important. Your profile contains staff contact information that FedACH Services operations staff will need if contacting you about an issue with a file originated by your institution. Your profile contains information you submitted in Table S.4 (PDF) of the FedACH Participation Agreement.

Step one: Verify

Follow these steps to verify your contact information is current:

  1. Check to see what public information is listed for your institution in the FedACH Participant RDFIs section of the E-Payments Routing Directory.
  2. Use the Display My Profile menu in the FedACH application within the FedLine Web Solution to view the nonpublic information that FedACH operations uses to contact your staff.

Step two: Update

Follow these steps if you need to update either of these references:

  1. For the E-Payments Routing Directory information, you should submit a new Part 1 — Agreement to Terms and General Participant Information (PDF) of the FedACH Participation Agreement.
  2. For your profile in the FedLine Web Solution, you should submit a new Table S.4 — Sending Point Contact Form (PDF) of the FedACH Participation Agreement.

Now is also a good time to verify that your institution’s information in Nacha’s ACH Contact Registry (Off-site) is current. Additionally, your institution should regularly check any internal ACH origination software to ensure you have the latest list of active RTNs.