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Sign up: The 2023 schedule for Check Adjustments webinars now online

The Check Adjustments webinars schedule for early 2023 is available now on the Federal Reserve Bank Webinars page. Our webinars are led by a subject matter expert who provides insights and resources to help you effectively resolve settlement discrepancies on checks that were processed or handled by the Federal Reserve Banks.

Participants can attend a webinar from multiple connections with a single connection fee of $450*. To register or learn more about Check Adjustments webinars, please visit the Federal Reserve Bank Webinars page.

What will I gain from attending a Check Adjustment webinar?

New to Check Adjustments? The webinars will provide you with a firm foundation on which to build knowledge and gain confidence about submitting adjustments accurately. Have years of experience with Check Adjustments? Attend the webinars as a refresher on the guidelines and case submission requirements.

  • The Principles and Concepts of Image Cash Letters and Electronic Check Adjustments** webinar is designed for all institutions as initial training or a refresher on submitting adjustments to the Federal Reserve Banks using FedLine® Solutions. This webinar will provide you with a fundamental understanding of how checks are cleared in an electronic file format, how subsequent errors can occur and how to resolve an error by submitting an electronic adjustment request and applicable documentation.
  • The Check Adjustments Insights into Investigation Types (ITYPS) webinar provides customers with detailed information about the usage and case submission requirements of various investigation types (ITYPS), as well as required forms and documentation for each ITYP covered. This session will focus on the proper usage of ITYPs from the perspectives of both depositors and receivers of cash/return letters.

You can earn up to 3.3 Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) credits, up to 3.3 Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) credits and/or up to 3.3 National Check Professional (NCP) credits by attending an eligible webinar.

What else can I do to educate myself about Check Adjustments services

Review our free educational resources to maximize the benefits your institution receives from Check Adjustments Services.

*Payable only by credit card.

**Recommend you attend first if you plan to attend both webinars.