Have you heard about our newest addition to the FedComplete® Packages? Our easy-to-use, full-suite packages now have an option to bundle your Federal Reserve Bank Services with a FedLine Command® Solution. This new package is designed for institutions that have lower transaction volumes and are interested in an unattended solution for processing their FedACH® payment and information services, as well as Accounting, Billing and Fedwire® statement services.

A FedComplete Package with a FedLine Command Solution provides:

  1. Access to critical payment services
    • Establishes an interface between your back-end systems and the Federal Reserve Banks to allow your institution to fully automate transaction and reporting processes
    • Provides a direct connection to your Federal Reserve Financial Services, giving you greater control over your payment operations
    • Allows continued access to the FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Web® Solutions
  2. Automation
    • Assists with scheduling Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination to help ensure that files meet deadlines
    • Increases staff efficiency with automated file processing of ACH receipt
    • Streamlines data delivery by setting up your reporting and reconcilement functions to interface directly with your back-end accounting systems
  3. Simplified budgeting
    • Bills as one monthly fee
    • Includes a fixed number of monthly transactions for FedACH Services, the Fedwire Funds Service and Check 21-Enabled Services1

Compare packages (PDF) or request a follow-up (Off-site) from your account executive to learn more about how our FedComplete Packages may be the right solution for you.


1Originated transactions in excess of the package thresholds will incur the transaction fees published on the relevant fee schedule in addition to surcharges.