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Demystifying the FedACH® Exception Resolution Service with a new video series

The Federal Reserve Banks launched the FedACH Exception Resolution Service in April 2019 to make it easier for financial institutions to resolve exception cases. Instead of waiting by the fax machine or in the call queue, customers can now simply log in to the FedLine Web® or the FedLine Advantage® Solution and initiate an exception case with another financial institution. Wondering what qualifies as an exception case? Check out our new video series below.

A customer claims that the debit from their account was not the correct amount. The Exception Resolution Service can be used to resolve this issue in a snap.

Did bad weather cause operational delays? Learn how to use the Exception Resolution Service to get caught up quickly.

If you need to contact another financial institution to request a written statement of unauthorized debit, you can use the Exception Resolution Service to cut down on time.

Avoid sending faxes back and forth to resolve duplicate files. Watch how Exception Resolution Services can eliminate this hassle.

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The Exception Resolution Service provides:

  • The ability for you to open, receive, read, respond to, close or cancel an exception case for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions settled via FedACH Services within two years from the entry date and include supporting documentation
  • Functionality to search a two-year historical repository of ACH entries to populate exception cases with ACH entry details
  • A mechanism for the secure exchange of sensitive exception case information between financial institutions
  • A 13-month archive to access and view all cases sent or received by your institution

Learn more about the benefits by viewing the Exception Resolution Service product sheet (PDF) or contacting your account executive directly.