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Laying the foundation for the future of ACH payments

We recognize the critical role that ACH payments play in our U.S. payment system. As an ACH Operator, we are committed to investing in our infrastructure and supporting the foundational elements — growth, speed and security — of ACH payments.

For Federal Reserve Financial Services, January 29, 2021, marked the successful conclusion of a multi-year effort to modernize the FedACH® Services processing platform. With that implementation complete, we would now like to express our appreciation to you, our FedACH customers, for your participation in the testing of the new platform, as well as your continued commitment to FedACH Services throughout the transition.

Looking to the future

Our new, distributed processing infrastructure gives us added flexibility and scalability to help ensure the continued efficiency and business value of FedACH Services. We hope you will agree that our careful planning will result in substantial long-term benefits. Now that the transition period is complete, we are excited and equipped to provide new and enhanced FedACH transaction and information services. In addition, the distributed infrastructure will result in improved time-to-market for product and service enhancements.

We value the trust you place in the Federal Reserve Banks, and we continually strive to meet your needs for secure and reliable payments services. Stay tuned for announcements of enhanced and new products and services as we move through 2021.

Please contact your account executive or a member of our FedACH and Check Services Customer Support staff with any questions you may have.