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What can you ask your Fed account executives? Watch their new video and find out!

The Federal Reserve Banks strive to support customers with a variety of materials and resources. The account executive team is a prime example of an essential resource to our customers. The dedicated team takes a consultative approach with each of its customers. Account executives want to build strong relationships and guide you through the bevy of information and choices our services provide. Beyond basic service knowledge, account executives can help customers navigate operational changes, payment industry questions and ways to improve manual processes. They can also help support you during a range of contingency scenarios, including the ongoing public health emergency caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

To provide additional assistance, we are happy to announce a new touchpoint for customers — a video series hosted by our esteemed account executives. The series will cover aspects of our services and questions received by customers. In our first video, “Questions, answers and consultation with your Federal Reserve account executive,” account executives Frank R. Agnew, Frank J. Blacharczyk, John Pitts and Stacy Springer discuss common questions and provide topics to discuss with your account executive.

Action Item:

Reach out to your account executive! Your account executive is always ready and willing to talk with you. Contact them with any questions you have.