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Enhancements now available for resolving ACH exceptions

In April 2020, we added new functionality to the FedACH® Exception Resolution Service to help your institution better manage Automated Clearing House (ACH) exception cases.

What is the Exception Resolution Service?

In 2019, we launched a service that provides a simpler, more streamlined and secure option for handling ACH exceptions (disputes, notifications, questions or requests for additional information) through your FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solution. Subscribing to the service allows financial institutions to work directly with other FedACH customers enrolled in the service to resolve ACH exceptions.

What are the new enhancements?

To further enhance customers’ experience and offer additional efficiencies, you now have the ability to:

  • Integrate with other applications you may be using today by uploading and downloading ACH exception case messages (with supporting documentation) directly through your FedLine Advantage or FedLine Web Solution via a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formatted file
  • Easily export messages from your Exception Resolution Service Inbox, Outbox and Archive to a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet

How do I get started?

If your institution is not already signed up for the full Exception Resolution Service, then we recommend you contact your account executive or FedACH and Check Services Customer Support. You can also reference our Service Setup page for more information.

FedACH customers subscribing to the Exception Resolution Service will have access to the enhanced functionality as part of their existing subscription with no additional fees. JSON file format technical file specifications are available via FedLine® Home to assist your institution with the setup process. Training materials will be accessible soon.

If your institution would like to test the new enhancements, please contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support for assistance.


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