Did you know there are hundreds of Federal Reserve publications to help keep you up to date? The Board of Governors and the 12 Reserve Banks each produces its own collection of publications covering economic and community development topics on a regional and a national level. The table below provides a sampling of available articles. Find what’s of interest to you and start reading!

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Board of Governors’ A-Z Listing of Board Publications (Off-site) “Report to the Congress on the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion” (Off-site) and “Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Publications & Data (Off-site) “Q1 2018: Snapshot of the New England Economy through March 28, 2018” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Publications (Off-site) “Just Released: Is Housing a Good Investment? Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Working Papers (Off-site) “Commuting, Labor, and Housing Market Effects of Mass Transportation: Welfare and Identification” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Publications (Off-site) “The Prospects of Non-College-Bound Workers in the Fourth District” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Publications (Off-site) “Closing the Workforce Skills Gap: Apprenticeship Programs in the U.S. and the Fifth District” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Research & Data Publications (Off-site) “The Costs and Benefits of the Bank Holding Company Structure” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Publications (Off-site) “The Winds of Change for Community Banking: Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Regulation” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ Publications (Off-site) “CRA: An Examiner’s Perspective – Questions to Ask Workforce Development Partners” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’ Publications (Off-site) “U.S. inequality: It’s worse than we thought” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Publications (Off-site) “Aftermath of disaster: Storms, fires test planning, patience” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Publications (Off-site) “U.S. Economic Outlook Improves in First Quarter” (Off-site)
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Economic Research Publications (Off-site) “Supporting Strong, Steady, and Sustainable Growth” (Off-site)

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