On July 11, the Accounting Services area made enhancements to its Account Management Information (AMI) and Daylight Overdraft Reports (DOR) applications. These applications are accessed via the FedLine Web® and FedLine Advantage® Solutions. Upon accessing the application, Subscribers will notice a more modern and user-friendly interface that is consistent with industry standards. Additionally, the new technical infrastructure has helped to make the applications more secure and resilient.

What changed?

  • The number of accounting statements available to users has increased from five to 14
  • The number of billing statements available to users has increased from three to six
  • The Find Non-Fedwire transactions feature has been enhanced to allow the ability to search up to five business days of activity and to provide additional search and filtering options

What did not change?

  • There were no changes to the Statement of Account, Statement of Service Charges, Collateral and Daylight Overdraft Reports
  • There were no changes to the Accounting Information Services (AIS) premium files (IDAY, FIRD, SCRD, CMS Plus and SASF)

Visit the AMI and DOR Application Changes Resource Center to view the summary of changes along with a list of frequently asked questions.