The Federal Reserve Banks exhibited at the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Annual Conference & Solutions Expo (Off-site) held in Seattle, Washington, June 19-22. This was the 51st year for the conference, which is billed as the largest in the industry for today’s credit union executives and board members to build, improve and implement better strategic planning. 

Fed services that we highlighted

Customers who visited the Fed’s booth were able to speak with account executives about the featured services listed below, which include connection packages and risk management tools for Automated Clearing House (ACH) and wires:

Conversations with our customers

One topic that came up more than once was the concern credit union executives have regarding payments risk and how the Fed’s services can help mitigate such risks. Account executives spent time one-on-one with booth visitors explaining our products and educating them about the benefits. It was evident that they left better informed and excited to take the information back to their credit unions to share.

Here are some excerpts that our account executives heard from customers:

  • The additional add-on services to FedACH® are wonderful. We find great value in the risk-monitoring tools and the FedPayments Reporter Service, which takes a lot of the manual effort out of our processes.
  • I like how FedLine® Solutions are very secure and our credit union can rest easier knowing the connection used for processing our payments is safe.
  • Once was all it took for us to be in a situation of not having a backup connection for operations. Everyone processing payments needs to have two or maybe three connection options in place.
  • Our members expect quality customer service in meeting their needs, and we depend on the Fed. Win-win!

Tips shared by our account executives

When it comes to the Fed’s products and services, our account executives have an in-depth understanding of how they work and how they can benefit your organization. Check out these tips:

  • Over time, we have streamlined the process of upgrading or installing a new FedLine connection to better meet the needs of our customers, making the process less time-consuming for your staff.
  • You may not know that we have tools and connections to help you with automating files and obtaining reports for various business areas.
  • We encourage our customers to call their account executives to help us understand their pain points in daily operations, needed reports or their “wish list” for functions. I guarantee we can help with some, if not all, of their wants and needs.

Account executives in attendance

Depending on where the conference is located, a number of account executives attend to spend time with their regional customers. At NAFCU, Amy Paysour, Frank Agnew, Lance Wagner, Mark Wall, Joni Hopkins and Stephen MacKinnon (shown below left to right) manned the booth and scheduled customer meetings throughout the event. MacKinnon stated, “I really enjoy attending this conference and having the opportunity to connect with the attending credit unions.” Paysour added, “Conferences are a great opportunity to have face-to-face time with customers. You share more than information with them; you build a trusted relationship.”

Federal Reserve Account Executives Attend NAFCU Conference


The Federal Reserve Banks do not sponsor or endorse any of the non-Federal Reserve Bank-related products, parties or entities discussed in this publication.

Action Item:

Look for future Conference Connection articles in Fed360, and check out the Industry Events page for upcoming events that our Fed account executives will be attending.