This fall, dozens of industry events and conferences are scheduled across the country – and your Federal Reserve Bank representatives will be in attendance at many of them. If you glance at the list on the Industry Events page, you’ll see the variety of events and regions our representatives will be visiting. There are many benefits to attending these events, including the top three reasons below:

#1 Meet with colleagues and industry contacts in person

Industry events are a great place to expand your network. Getting to know others who do similar work and are passionate about the industry can fuel your own drive to be the best you can be. You may also meet someone who can help you with any issues or concerns you may have at your organization.

Be on the lookout for Federal Reserve representatives at events – they will be looking for you! Our representatives always want to make themselves available to customers. During in-person meetings, they can answer any questions you have about our services, offer solutions and get to know you and your organization better. That’s a win-win!

#2 Hear the latest news and insights by attending presentations

Many events and conferences host a wide variety of speaking sessions and workshops. Besides being able to mingle with colleagues, these learning opportunities are a main attraction at industry events. Learning the latest industry news, gaining a new skill or getting educational credits to take back to your organization can be invaluable.

The Federal Reserve often has speakers at various events across the country. Whether talking about our services, industry buzz or the future of payments, you don’t have to look far to find a Fed representative. Be sure to look out for us!

#3 Take an active role in the financial services industry

The financial services industry is going through so much change that attending a conference is a great way to discuss the latest news. These events are where the action is – in workshops and roundtables with major players in attendance. By being at the event, you can often see the work happening right in front of you. Be part of it!

Action Item:

Be sure to visit the Industry Events page to determine where the Fed will be this fall. Catch up with our representatives or, better yet, schedule a meeting with them in advance if you are attending a mutual conference. You can also glean conference highlights in our Conference Connection article series in Fed360® – check out past articles in the Related Content section below.