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Get to know instant payments through our new series

More and more individuals and businesses are looking to send and receive money in a matter of seconds, driving a growing demand for innovative payment options. That’s why we’ve launched an educational series that explores the world of faster payments with a particular focus on instant payments.

Our series will discuss the basics of faster payments, take a deeper look into instant payments and help financial institutions and other organizations in the payments industry gain a better understanding of how to plan for an instant payments transformation.

Take a look at the first four articles in our instant payments education series:

For financial institutions, offering an instant payment service like the Federal Reserve’s upcoming FedNowSM Service can help improve customer loyalty, retention and acquisition. Instant payments enable individuals and businesses to make time-sensitive payments, avoid late fees and improve cash flow management.

Visit our Instant Payments Education page regularly for the latest installments in our series around instant payments.