The Federal Reserve Banks continually strive to enhance efficiency and implement process improvements, and we are committed to ensuring that every user has a great experience using FedCash® Services. In fourth quarter (Q4) 2018, we will be modernizing the user interface for the ordering, depositing, cross-shipping and administrative functions of FedCash Services via the FedLine Web® Solution. These functions are critical to daily cash operations.

The Q4 2018 enhancements will be the first of a multi-year effort to upgrade the technical platform, infrastructure and the graphical user interface (GUI) of the FedCash application. Subsequent releases scheduled through 2022 will upgrade the Coin Terminal, Extended Custodial Inventory, Custodial Inventory and Electronic Cash Difference Advice functions. For the Q4 2018 release, business functionality will remain largely the same.

Key changes will include:

  • A more modern, user-friendly, intuitive interface consistent with industry standards
  • A new technical infrastructure that will help make the application more secure and resilient and provide the foundation for future features and capabilities that are not possible with the current infrastructure

We will continue to provide detailed updates to impacted organizations and their affected FedLine® Subscribers throughout the implementation. Future communications will include the planned implementation date, a description of the changes and a reference guide with images of the new interface to help you become familiar with the enhancements in advance of the go-live date. 

These changes align with the Federal Reserve Banks’ broader focus on and investments in improving the full user experience. Two examples include the November 2017 launch of the redesigned, mobile-friendly FRBservices.orgSM website and the introduction of our new Fed360® publication. Following the first phase of updates to the FedCash application, we will begin modernizing the infrastructure and user interface of FedLine, starting with FedLine Home. Together, these enhancements will help provide a more consistent and streamlined user experience. Details related to the broader FedLine Home redesign effort will be communicated separately.

Action Item:

It is critical that your organization comply with all FedLine Web Hardware and Software Requirements before the Q4 2018 release. Specifically, all FedCash Subscribers must take action to ensure compliance with each of the following three browser-related requirements:

  1. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11, which is required for accessing FedLine Web
  2. Use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11
  3. Ensure that Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 is not enabled

Otherwise, Subscribers may not be able to access FedCash Services after the Q4 2018 release.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Contact Center at (888) 333-7010. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with efficient, high-quality payments services.