The Federal Reserve Banks have always highlighted the importance of your FEDucation. By arming yourself with the tools and knowledge to better utilize our services, you can help make operations at your financial institution run more efficiently. On FRBservices.orgSM, there are many educational resources to choose from to make sure all your bases are covered.

For instance, if you visit the Federal Reserve Bank Webinars page, you’ll find both hosted live and on-demand webinars. You can choose which option is best for you and your team. You’ll also find that our on-demand webinars have been refreshed and revamped to make sure you have the most updated content as you dive into your learning.

Our customers have found great value in our instructor-led check adjustment webinars. Registration is now open for the Check Adjustments Insights into Investigation Types (ITYPS) (Off-site) and the Principals and Concepts of Image Cash Letters and Electronic Check Adjustments (Off-site) webinars. Simply choose a date that best fits your team’s schedule and register today!

Tell us what you want

We are committed to keeping your learning materials and resources useful and relevant to your needs. Now you can have a say in your FEDucation! The Federal Reserve Banks have made a suggestion form (Off-site) available where you can let us know what online training you would be interested in seeing from us. In the form, you can indicate any topics, products or services you think would be helpful to see on our website in a webinar format.

Action Item:

Be sure to fill out the Online Training Request Form (Off-site) to help us shape the future of your FEDucation!