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Now available: Use FedPayments® Insights to visualize and report on FedACH® payments

In recent years, the ACH network has grown in both volume and total value of transactions. This trend has challenged financial institutions to find new and innovative ways to gather insights to help inform operational, risk management and strategic decision-making. To help with this challenge, we introduced the FedPayments Insights Service on Sept. 19.

This new service, accessed through the FedLine Web® and FedLine Advantage® Solutions, allows customers to interact with their FedACH data and easily review daily and historical trends using a dynamic user interface. Gain valuable business insights on ACH payment trends and behavior by accessing a more complete view of all your institution’s payment data, including government and commercial transactions, that settled through FedACH.

Discover the benefits of the FedPayments Insights Service, including:

  • Easy access to analytical information on transactions settled through FedACH for a single routing transit number (RTN) or family of RTNs by using historical data, which includes up to two years of detailed information and six years of summarized information.
  • Ability to review your institution’s data and provide your leadership with visual reports showing changes over time, including:
    • Payment trends and volume summary by SEC code.
    • Reversals for receiving depository financial institutions (RDFIs).
    • Return rate by originator.

Learn more about FedPayments Insights, including how to sign up for the service on our new FedPayments Insights Service page, or contact your account executive (Off-site).