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New and improved dashboards in FedTransaction Analyzer®

We have enhanced the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool in Microsoft® Excel® to provide a more dynamic and insightful user experience. Take a closer look at the next report you generate for useful improvements in the Organization and Customer Dashboards, including counterparty summaries, filters to exclude some wire activity and flexibility to select multiple customer accounts/names for a single printed report.

Redesigned flexibility

The Organization and Customer Dashboards are generally used to aggregate your master and sub-account Fedwire® Funds Service data for board, relationship management or senior management reporting. These enhanced reports will allow the user to limit the information in the report to the desired target. For example, you can exclude high-value investment transfers or limit to only customer business banking activity. The new Customer Dashboard will also allow you to group disparate information, such as misspelled names or multiple account numbers, into a single view of the customer. These new features allow more streamlined and faster access to relevant summary information related to risk management and compliance support procedures.

Richer analytics

The new dashboards improve your capacity to know your customers’ customers with improvements in top 10 counterparty reporting and number of counterparty counts for your customers. These improvements allow you to better understand exposure to transfer activity without losing existing features like transfer volume in time, high-value transfers, top 10 counterparties by value and volume, average transaction values and value percentiles.

More information

As you explore the new enhancements, you’ll find the latest version of the FedTransaction Analyzer User Guide useful, with screen-by-screen updates to help you navigate the new designs. You can access the new user guide within the tool as well as in FedLine® Training, accessible via FedLine Home. For more information, view FedTransaction Analyzer Sample Preformatted Reports (PDF)

Customer support

If you have questions about the FedTransaction Analyzer tool, please call the Support Center. Use the Contact page to view a complete list of support contacts for your institution.


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