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VPN Device Migration required by December 31, 2019

As previously communicated, the Federal Reserve Banks are in the midst of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Device Migration project as part of our ongoing efforts to keep pace with evolving industry and security standards. To date, the majority of FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Command® customers have migrated to the new VPN device, and the project is nearing its completion.

In 2020, Fortinet® FortiGate® 60C VPN devices will reach the end of support. In preparation for the end-of-support date, we are directing all customers to migrate remaining 60C VPN devices as soon as possible and before the end of this year, December 31, 2019.

Action Item:

Customers will need to successfully install their new Fortinet FortiGate 61E VPN devices following the placement of migration orders in the Connection Management Center (CMC) within FedLine® Home to complete the migration process by December 31, 2019. If customers have already successfully installed their new 61E VPN devices, then no further action is required before year-end.

Migrate now

An End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) from your organization is responsible for coordinating your migration. As part of the migration notification process, we have asked an EUAC at your organization to do the following:

  • Review documentation: We recommend that your organization review your network and firewall settings per the FedLine Advantage® VPN Device Access Requirements to help ensure continued compliance prior to your migration. This document, along with other FedLine VPN resources and documentation, is located in the Help Center of the CMC, which your FedLine Advantage EUACs can access via FedLine Home.
  • Submit a migration order: A FedLine Advantage EUAC should submit a migration order as soon as possible by accessing the CMC and selecting the defaulted “Migrate current VPN” option on the order screen to complete your migration order. Note that a credentialed Technical Contact at your organization can assist with completing the migration order in the CMC; however, an EUAC must start the order and submit it.


Please review the VPN Device Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact the Support Center with any questions about this project.


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