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Watch and learn: How the Fed is improving the cash supply chain

A new video showcases how Cash Visibility and the Federal Reserve's E-Manifest Service will help transition the supply chain from paper-based operations to a new electronic data standard. Check it out below:

What is Cash Visibility?

Cash Visibility is a multiyear, industry-wide initiative that involves implementing a standardized framework for identifying, tracking and electronically exchanging information about cash packages that move between and among participants. It allows integration of process and information flows within and across these organizations, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and even end users.

What is the E-Manifest Service?

To support and promote the many benefits of the Cash Visibility initiative, the FedCash® E-Manifest Service is now available through FedLine® Solutions to armored carriers and financial institutions when making currency deposits at the Federal Reserve Banks. The E-Manifest Service uses the Cash Visibility standards to support the Federal Reserve Banks’ transition to digital exchanges of cash package information.

To support these efforts, there is also a new FedCash Services Request Form (PDF). If you have any questions about that form, or for more information about Cash Visibility and the E-Manifest Service and how you may begin preparing your organization, please visit the Cash Visibility page or email us at