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5 best practices to prepare new hires for business continuity

When onboarding new staff at a financial institution, a pivotal topic to keep in mind is business continuity. It is important to train new staff on your business resumption processes and make sure the appropriate contact information is updated in your system.

To help respond to service or local connectivity disruptions, keep these five best practices in mind as part of your business continuity onboarding plan:

  1. Review and update your contact information with the Federal Reserve Banks for primary and backup staff within your organization on a regular basis.
  2. Train staff on how to use the Contact page and the “Find Your Contacts” feature to access Federal Reserve Bank contact information specific to your organization.
  3. Prepare staff by training and conducting critical business functions during a connectivity or service disruption.
  4. Utilize our Business Continuity Resource Center for the most up-to-date information to help instruct staff.
  5. Familiarize new staff members with Service Status on® and FedLine® Home for the latest information on any current service disruptions affecting your organization.

The Federal Reserve Banks stand ready to support your organization in the event of a service or local connectivity disruption. For more information, please contact the Customer Contact Center (CCC) or your account executive.