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The Ops Stop: Make service implementation easy using the Service and Access Setup page

The Ops Stop provides your organization with a one-stop shop full of helpful operational resources offered by the Federal Reserve Banks. For this installment of the series, we are featuring the Service and Access Setup page, which provides the steps you need to take if you are implementing or changing access to Federal Reserve Bank Services.® has many resources and guides for both brand new and long standing Federal Reserve Bank Services customers. The Service and Access Setup page, available from the top, horizontal navigation under Resources, can help your institution navigate setting up services for the first time or modifying what you currently have. Once on the page, you’ll find instructions categorized to fit your institution’s particular needs:

Each section details steps to streamline implementation of our services and tasks related to agreements, accounting, operations and service access. Contact information for Federal Reserve representatives is also available.

In the left navigation of the Service and Access Setup page, links to the following individual service setup pages are also available for your convenience:

The Federal Reserve Banks are here to help, whether you are just beginning to use our services or your current needs and services need modification. If you have any questions and want to discuss your options, visit the Contact page for a comprehensive list of service and support contacts who can assist you.