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FedTransaction Analyzer® assists with post-merger activities

Post-merger analysis and integration can be quite stressful for surviving institutions. This stress can frequently be caused by gaps in available transaction data associated with the non-surviving institution. Did you know that the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool can help?

After a merger, surviving institutions using FedTransaction Analyzer will have immediate access to the non-surviving institution as a sub-account for Fedwire® Funds Service data. By accessing the post-merger data from non-surviving institutions, users can perform extended research of up to seven years of historical trends, which then can be used to:

  • Validate final incoming wire transactions using the Originator Identifier Research Report – Monitor which customers are receiving wires on non-surviving routing numbers after the merger takes effect to help ensure a seamless transition period for customers
  • Comply with investigations using the User-specified Report – Review historical transaction data to help comply with internal or legal investigations related to the non-surviving institutions, which eliminates the need to backload wire details and assists with research regardless of the wire platform of the acquired institution
  • Inform future agreements by identifying top customers of non-surviving institutions using the Customer Activity Dashboard – Utilize non-surviving institutions’ data to appropriately determine historical activity patterns for contract evaluations
  • Monitor international wires to gauge potentially exceeding thresholds using the Originator Identifier Research Report – Small and medium financial institutions can view international wire activity to evaluate critical transfer rule compliance obligations
  • Analyze volume and value operational patterns using the Time of Day Activity Dashboard – Reassess operational staffing needs based on non-surviving institutions periods of high transaction volume
  • Upload non-survivor customer data into your compliance applications – Review historical data to evaluate behavior patterns for newly acquired customers in a timely manner

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