Automated Clearing House (ACH) originators often reference the Federal Reserve Banks’ E-Payments Routing Directory and the Composite Receiver File (CRF) to determine if a receiving depository financial institution (RDFI) is a FedACH® Services participant before sending an item. These important resources contain the name, published phone number and location (city, state) for each receiving institution.

Your institution’s profile in the FedLine Web® Solution is equally important. Your profile contains staff contact information that FedACH Services operations staff will need if contacting you about an issue with a file originated by your institution. Your profile contains information you submitted in Table S.4 of the FedACH Participation Agreement (PDF).

Action Item:

Review your institution’s contact information in the E-Payments Routing Directory and in the FedACH application within FedLine Web. If any of this information is outdated, follow the instructions below to update it.

Step one: Verify

Check to see what public information is listed for your institution in the FedACH Participant RDFI section of the E-Payments Routing Directory. Is it current?

Also, use the Display My Profile menu in the FedACH application within FedLine Web to view the non-public information that FedACH operations uses to contact your staff. Is it current?

Step two: Update

Follow these steps if you need to update either of these references:

  • For the E-Payments Routing Directory information, you should submit a new Part 1 (PDF), Agreement to Terms and General Participant Information, of the FedACH Participation Agreement.
  • For your Customer Profile in FedLine Web, you should submit a new Table S.4 (PDF), Sending Point Contact Form, of the FedACH Participant Agreement.


If you have questions, please contact FedACH and Check Customer Support at (877) 372-2457.