For nearly a decade, FedFocusSM and FedFlash® have been counted on as vehicles to keep you informed. These two trusted publications have provided strategic and operational updates, as well as insight into the value of our Federal Reserve Financial Services. You’ve seen the transition from print to online over time … and the evolution continues. Today, we are introducing our new twice-monthly Fed360SM publication.

Fed360 combines all the great content you’ve come to rely on into one all-inclusive source. Look for fresh, dynamic content related to the following categories:

  • Accounting
  • ACH
  • Bundled Solutions
  • Cash
  • Central Bank
  • Check
  • Education and Resources
  • Fed Facts
  • FedLine® Solutions
  • General
  • Industry Perspective
  • National Settlement Service
  • Risk Management
  • Securities
  • The Ops Stop
  • Treasury
  • Wires

Fed360 has a clean design, tons of new features, plus a dynamic layout that makes site navigation simple and easy! As you explore the new publication, you’ll find the content is easy to scan. From the home page, you can quickly get to individual articles by clicking the image, the headline or the “Read More” link. On the left hand navigation, you’ll find these clickable or expandable links:

  • Dates to Remember: Displays dates and details for upcoming events and initiatives
  • In Case You Missed It: Displays select previously published Fed360 articles so that important and relevant articles remain top of mind
  • In This Issue: Lists clickable links to each article in the current issue
  • Article Archives: Displays previously published Fed360 articles – take note that certain 2017 FedFocus and FedFlash articles can also be accessed from this page
  • Subscribe: Enables individuals to easily sign up to receive Fed360
  • Email the Editor: Allows readers to submit questions or provide feedback about Fed360
  • Print: Enables readers to print a page or the current issue
  • Share: Provides options to easily share content with colleagues via Twitter or email

If you click open an article of interest, you’ll see compelling content, customer quotes, action items and related content. Check out the nifty slider at the bottom that easily points you to other articles in the issue.

To become familiar with our new publication, a series of videos is available on the and Fed360 Videos (Off-site) playlist. Take a look now at the Fed360 intro video:


New user interface for

As a reminder, we’ve begun to use our new logo on communications, and our redesigned website is live and ready to efficiently deliver the information you need. Take a look and discover:

  • A new user interface – featuring a mobile-friendly design
  • Reorganized content – accessible from drop-down menus and links in the footer
  • Application Sign In – easy access located in top, horizontal navigation
  • E-Payments Routing Directory – front and center on the home page
  • Service Status – new, color-coded format
  • Communications – where you’ll find all the latest news
  • Fed contacts – just a click away

Action Item:

Please note that you’ll need to delete your old bookmarks and create new ones that point to the new URLs.

To become familiar with the new navigation, please review the Sitemap. An online feedback form (Off-site) is available to submit questions or provide feedback about the redesign of

Take a look now at the intro video: