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2 daily tasks are now easier for FedACH® Services

As a part of our ongoing dedication to providing excellent service, the Federal Reserve Banks have recently implemented two enhancements for FedACH Services.

FedACH Services Derived Returns via FedLine® Web

Effective immediately, enhancements have been implemented for FedACH Services via the FedLine Web Solution. Returns can now be derived on forward items from the previous two calendar years while notifications of change (NOCs) can be derived on forward items from the previous 60 business days.

Received Entries Detail Report available through FedPayments® Reporter Service for FedACH Services

Intraday reporting is now a setup option for the Received Entries Detail Report available through FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH Services. With this enhancement, subscribers can see their institution’s information multiple times per day instead of just once a day. An institution may benefit from having an earlier view of large dollar entries and return items during the processing day. The report provides selected key information of received entries for either the entire receiving depository financial institution (RDFI) or a specified receiver.

For more information on the advanced setup options now available for your institution, contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support or your account executive.